Conscious Living Collection Articles by Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

Conscious Living Articles: Volume1Volume 1: Your Spiritual Journey

Volume 2: The Path To Emotional Healing

The two volumes of this collection of articles by Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak spans a time period of nearly 15 years.

"Your Spiritual Journey" covers over 50 articles on spirituality, esoteric studies, metaphysics, chakras, peace/spiritual activism and soundwork. Just click the link  for a table of contents.

 "The Path to Emotional Healing" has 55 articles on the topic of emotional healing, relationships, transformation, positive change and holistic health.

Conscious Living Articles: Volume 2Hours of enjoyable reading, contemplation, learning and years of worthwhile reference are bound in these books. The perfect gift for anyone who has an interest in the spiritual, in their own growth and development and in living life in a balanced and harmonious way.

Buy one book at a time or the complete set of two; give it as a gift to a friend or a loved one; or make it a gift to yourself.

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Seven Sacred Archetypes

Guided Imagery and Soundscapes for Meditation, Movement and Ritual CD

by Kathy Ryndak

Come journey through guided imagery, the seven chakras and imaginative soundscapes as you encounter the powerful energies contained in the Seven Sacred Archetypes. The poetic narration by Kathy Ryndak was inspired and designed to take you deeply into the archetypal realm. The evocative music by Gary Diggins is also meant to open an emotional and spiritual connection to your archetypal forces.

Sacred archetypes impact us on multiple levels and gift us with experiences of mystical illumination, deep wisdom, imaginative creativity, and heartfelt inspiration. Encounter an inner cast of allies relevant to each of the seven chakras. Connect with the Shaman's earth wisdom. Feel the Lover's ecstasy and passion. Be empowered by the Spiritual Warrior. Experience the enchantment of your Magical Child and the creativity of your Muse, Manifest with your Magician, and understand your higher purpose with high Priest/Priestess.

Price: $18.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling.

Music Sample mp3 - Magician 7.1MB


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