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Co-creation: A Divine Partnership

Co-creation: A Divine Partnership

By Gord Riddell & Kathy Ryndak

Is manifesting, creating your own reality and co-creation all the same thing or just a semantics word game? While all of these topics are strongly interconnected and run along the same theme, it is our opinion that the art of co-creation is actually a higher overtone of the previous two. Imagine that you are actually partnered with the Divine or God in what you set out to manifest in your life.

A Sacred Contract

Co-creation is really a sacred contract that we have with God which is mutual and reciprocal. It becomes synonymous with "Being of Service" which means that what we do or our "calling" helps the world to become a better place through the processes of transformation and evolution. Through our calling, we also grow spiritually.

As we serve the Divine, the Divine also serves us in a mutual way. We are always looked after from the above when we commit to be of service. We will get support from our friends in the non-physical such as angels, spirit guides and masters. We will always have enough prosperity to get our work out in to the world in a meaningful way and also live a life of abundance and comfort. This, of course, depends upon your beliefs around abundance. Some people equate spirituality with non-materialism and if somewhere in your psyche hides a "vow of poverty" you will have to replace it with a "vow of prosperity." Don't be shy about receiving/earning money that comes from different sources other than your calling, for it takes money to stir consciousness on this planet.

To co-create, we need to align our soul's desires and passions with our higher purpose and spirit. We tap into our source energy and the divine force of the universe through conscious intention which facilitates the process of manifestation and co-creation.

Spiritual Laws

Two laws are necessary for co-creation: the Law of Attraction and Law of Detachment. Both are somewhat paradoxical to one another since the first means we are focusing on our goal and the latter means we turn it over to the universe. The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever we focus on or give attention to, we will attract. Whatever vibration you are emitting, you will attract more of that. Whatever beliefs you hold consciously or unconsciously, you will manifest. Negative and limiting beliefs, fear and doubt will interfere with what you want to manifest.

The Law of Detachment means we turn over our goals to the universe and allow it to do its magic. We must relinquish our attachment to the outcome. God can work in mysterious ways and we need to be able to live within the wisdom of uncertainty. As contemporary mystics, we must never undermine that life has many powerful unknowns as we enter into the mystery. We are not giving up our desires or intention but just our attachment to a specific result. We are open to manifesting within a whole range of possibilities that might go beyond what we even can envision. We will be guided along the way with what direction to take since we are not addicted to the specific outcome.

Magnifying Manifestation

Manifesting becomes magnified when we are in alignment with our Source energy, our Higher Self and higher purpose. A very important ingredient of this is harmony within and harmony with others. If you are manifesting within a group environment, cooperative team work is necessary. Harmony amongst the group is essential since unresolved conflict and negative emotions with one another will slow down manifesting. Each team member needs to have an appreciation for one another. This is not to say that conflict is negative. Working through conflict can take us into a higher way of being. Unaddressed conflict festers and decreases your rate of co-creating since you are not aligned with the Divine.

Higher octave emotions such as love, joy, compassion, empowerment, optimism, hopefulness and trust galvanize manifestation. Being in a state of appreciation and gratitude fuels the process. Trust in divine providence and be patient with it.

The Process

We need to be in flow with Source and universal energy and acknowledge that things are unfolding as they should even though on some days there will be many challenges and obstacles. Obstacles may often mean that we need to tweak our vision and fine-tune it to take it into greater alignment. We acknowledge that all things happen for a reason and our open to sacred signs and synchronicities which will tell us if we are on or off track. We are like a sculptor moulding energy to manifest, creating and readjusting as we go. Our tools are focus, desire, passion, clarity, positive beliefs, higher octave emotions, surrendering, turning it over and non-attachment.

Expressions that Attract

Here is a collection of expressions and thoughts that can help you manifest. Some have been adopted from such great authors as Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, and the Hicks. You can also find some of them in Michael Losier's book "Law of Attraction". The expressions work like affirmations to keep your field open to infinite possibilities:

  • "I'm in the process of attracting..". Use this when you become impatient or focusing on that fact that you have not manifested yet.
  • Say "I have decided to allow _____ into my. This empowers your goal though choice.
  • "Lot's can happen over the next little while" when you are doubting.
  • "It's already here. Already done. Already healed." Say this with gratitude and appreciation.
  • "I know its coming."
  • "It's on its way."
  • "What I need is on its way."
  • "I can feel it in bones."
  • "Anything is possible."
  • "Miracles do happen!"

Intention Altar Create and intention/co-creation altar in a sacred space in your home. On that altar, put your mind maps that you have drawn for your goals. You can place photos of your goals in an attraction box such as a treasure chest. Write your affirmations, desires and goals on recipe cards and pick one a day. You can also put an oracle deck on the altar for daily guidance. Your favourite gods and goddesses can be set on the altar and use activating ingredients from the four elements such as candles, a water fountain, essential oils and crystals. Once a day reenergize your goals then importantly turn them over. Let "Miracles do happen" be your motto.