Testimonials and Grad Success Stories



“Total Self #1 has made a big impact on my overall wellness and ability to connect with myself. I was impressed with all the theory. The meditations were very relaxing and enlightening. Awesome course!”

Kimberley Moore


"What did I learn in the amazing year of taking the Spiritual Director Program To be truly spiritual one must truly love oneself in order to help others; we create our world ourselves and our own destiny. I understand who I am, why I’m here and that we are part of something much greater. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! And I’ve since enrolled in the full time Spiritual Psychotherapy Program.”

Frank MacKinnon, Spiritual Director Intern


“Participating in the Body Psychotherapy Certificate Program gave me valuable tools with which to work with clients. Experiencing, practicing and observing the techniques in class showed me how my body can reveal stored and stuck information. I learned a lot about myself. With the attentive and intuitive tutoring of Ken Sullivan,I learned to trust the language of the body. I look forward to working with my clients and to further explore this fascinating study.”

Margaret Anne Snider, Intern Psychotherapist


“Since my very first Total Self class in 2004, I was hooked. I have since completed the Spiritual Psychotherapy and Director programs, Body Psychotherapy, Relationship Counselling, Group Therapy, and Coaching. The material, teachers, classmates, the experiential nature of the programs, and the atmosphere of loving acceptance and support made my journey deep and profound! My expectations were exceeded.”

Joyce Threlkeld, BA, MBA, MHt - Spiritual Psychotherapist,Centre for Mindful Therapies Ajax, ON


“I was deeply affected by the work we did in the Introduction to Energy Psychotherapy workshop. Each of us went into some profound places. The instructor was focused on student needs and very organized. This course provides excellent tools for one’s practice.”

Melanie Fishbane


“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and made every class interesting and engaging. I’ve learned an amazing amount and an interest/love in aromatherapy has been sparked!”

Victoria Smith, Aromatherapy course


"I learned an amazing amount in Total Self #3 which has added to my overall faith and trust in life. The instructor was highly knowledgeable about the content and learning was easy. I loved it!"

Jodie Lindley


"In Total Self #6 I learned to stop doubting myself so much and just trust. This allows me to have more faith in myself. I got so much out of this course. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you!"

Sonia Nunes


"I was a full-time student in 2005 at Transformational Arts studying Spiritual Psychotherapy. Besides developing important professional skills, I want to thank Transformational Arts for making me healthier and helping me deal with my marriage. I have several degrees and diplomas earned during my life, but only Transformational Arts enabled me to understand myself and change myself. The College helped me straighten up my life direction. I will continue to move forward along my life's journey."

Hui Zhi Song


"Transformational Arts has the most comprehensive curriculum of any natural health school that I researched, and it really gave me a broad range of modalities and tools to use on myself and with clients. The classes were all good sizes never too many people and I've had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who I hope will be lifelong friends! Going through the Holistic Program is a wonderful journey that will open you up to new experiences, people and situations as you learn to see the world with new eyes."

Dafna Araf, Holistic Health Training Program


"While I loved my career as a management consultant and trainer, I started to realize that something was missing. I then began, what was to become, an awesome journey at Transformational Arts. The experiences I had and the knowledge I gained, while going through the Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director, Individual Coaching, Group Psychotherapy, and Past Life Regression Programs, truly transformed my life. I can only begin to thank the faculty, the staff, and my fellow students for creating such an inspiring and safe atmosphere in which to learn and to grow. I eagerly look forward to continuing this personal journey and to entering my new profession."

Phebe-Jane Poole, Ph.D.

"The Individual Coaching Course at Tranformational Arts not only taught me a wide variety of skills and strategies necessary to assist others reach their unique personal goals, it also offered me the courage and motivation to completely transform my own life. I thank you eternally for the positive change you have brought to me and now my clients."

Raegan Mighton, Personal Life Coach and Meditation Teacher


"After being a nurse for 20 years, I became weary of the Western practice. I always felt there must be more to healing. At Transformational Arts they taught me to trust intuition and presented the many arts of healing. For me to combine conventional medicine with alternative has made a wonderful union. Thanks!"

Lisa Yates, former R.N. C.N.H.P., Herbalist, Acupuncturist


"For my sabbatical year as a teacher, I had planned to go to cooking school and open a restaurant. Fortunately, the Divine presented me with a fork in the road and I took it. I registered for the Holistic Health Program at Transformational Arts and began a very transformative journey while studying several modalities that I was interested in. Transformational Arts inspired me to pursue my studies in the Continuing Studies Program and in Polarity Therapy. I have since moved on from teaching. I work and study part-time and see clients for private sessions. Transformational Arts helped me re-unite my body, mind and spirit. I am very grateful for the life I have now. As for opening a restaurant Maybe it will become part of my holistic practice!"

Marie-Claire Bourgeois of Mind Your Body And Spirit, R.N.H.R., Certified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master


"I have just been cruising your website with many smiles as I see pictures of you all and recall all that I learned at Transformational Arts. I was speaking to [a former classmate] who is now in New Zealand and we both remarked how far ahead of the time Tranformational Arts courses were and how our training there has stood us in good stead in our personal development and in our work with clients."

Kellie Poulin, BA, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director and Body Psychotherapy graduate, Voice Dialogue Instructor and Coach


Graduate Success Stories

“I’ve been honoured to guide others on their spiritual journeys for many years. With all the time that has passed I’m still thankful that I chose to begin my studies with the Spiritual Psychotherapy and SpiritualDirector Programs at Transformational Arts. They have served as such a strong foundation for my lifework and the other studies I have undertaken since. The curriculum offered me core knowledge that continues to be validated again and again, and I feel the additional modalities I now offer are deeply enriched because they build on the fundamentalsof working effectively with clients that I first learned at Transformational Arts. I believe this makes me a powerful healer; no matter what issue a client brings forward or whether an exceptional situation arises, I am confident I can manage it and assist my client. With time and experience the body of my studies at Transformational Arts became comfortable and natural, leadingme to broader and deeper explorations. Yet, for a few years into my practice, I would still reference my notes and find valuable information or tools to share; there was a wealth of learning that kept offering itself and strengthening my abilities long after the formal teaching was completed. My awakening was richly supported at the Transformational Arts, encouraging a blessed unfolding of my soul. In turn, I have been able to assist so many other individuals and joyfully witness remarkable transformations. I’m grateful to continue to offer healing atthis phenomenal time in our Universe and be a conscious co-creator in this emerging New Earth.”

Melinda Urban, RIHR, Energy Psychotherapist and Theta/DNAHealer, MIND and SPIRIT


“My time at Transformational Arts was a major turning point in my life. I had become acutely aware of the need for healing for ourselves and the planet. In my work as senior administrator in a shelter for women and children fleeing abuse, I saw how society was dangerously out of balance. Personally and professionally, I was burned out, out of balance myself, and living too much in my head.

When I came across a Tranformational Arts' calendar, I could hardly contain myexcitement. Along with the clinical training that any good psychotherapist would need there was a deeper dimension – working with intuition, synchronicity, dreams, ritual, prayer, and body. This amazing college was teaching archetypal psychology, reclaiming the magical, the Divine Feminine and encompassing nature and divinity in healing. This was the ‘school for soul healing’ I’d longed for but never thought I’d find.

As a full-time student, taking the Total Self, Spiritual Psychotherapyand Spiritual Director courses my expectations were high and I was not disappointed. What an intense and wonderful time! The instructorswere impressive and lived every day what they taught. The students in my year were terrific too – so many were courageous visionaries with inspiring plans. I experienced some truly amazing moments in class! As I opened and expanded, my vision became clear.

After graduating I started Mandala, my own spiritual psychotherapy practice, and offering workshops on topics such as the Divine Feminine and creation-centred spirituality. I returned to working in women’sshelters, using skills developed at Transformational Arts to help women re-connect with their power while helping staff learn self-care. Without Transformational Arts none of this would be possible.”

Joanne Page, PhD, R.I.H.R. , Psychotherapist


“I can’t believe it’s been over 5 years since I first stepped through the magical doors of Transformational Arts! I am a graduate of the Part-time Spiritual Psychotherapy Program. With a background in Psychology and Nursing, I always knew that I loved working with people and healing; yet felt there was something missing in reaching the depth of their issues. As soon as I identified the missing piece of spirituality/higher consciousness, I quickly became aligned with Transformational Arts through a series of synchronistic events.

Transformational Arts offers something very special and unique in terms of education and evolution towards truth and peace. The Spiritual Psychotherapy Program provided me with a holistic model of psychotherapy; embracing energy healing, emotional healing, theory and body techniques. I have acquired a wide variety of concepts, tools and techniques that have given me confidence as a client-centred therapist. The instructors at Transformational Arts are wonderful role models, teaching with passion, humour and compassion. I found the content was organized in a way that promoted my continued personal growth and clarified my awareness of my own unique mission. I felt inspired, uplifted, expanded, connected, grounded and a renewed sense of passion throughout my experience.

Since my graduation over 2 years ago my private practice has really grown! I am now working with individuals and couples, and facilitate workshops and retreats. I have had the opportunity to be a guest several times on Rogers Daytime TV, The Woman to Woman Show, as well as Carole Matthews, Messenger Files Radio Show. I love what I do and feel very fulfilled in my work! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all the wonderful people and guides at Transformational Arts who have touched my life and shared their knowledge, skills and experiences. I am so excited to now be able to share all of it with those around me and in my practice.”

Karen Patriquin, Spiritual Psychotherapist, Founder of Awakenings, Collingwood, ON.


“As an eager Transformational Arts Holistic student, I jumped in the ‘deep end’ and started a business while still enrolled! I opened The Islington Village Wellness Centre, which operates as a multi-disciplinary collective, providing healing to the body and spirit. Our holistic health services include Naturopathic Medicine, Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Massage Therapy. Transformational Arts’ Holistic Health Practitioner Program provided me with an excellent understanding of various holistic modalities and the basics of running a business. Since opening the centre 3 years ago, I have grown so much as a person especially emotionally through the experience of learning to start, develop and manage a new business. None of this would have been possible without the education I received at Transformational Arts, the support and dedication of the practitioners at the centre, and the love and support of my friends and family.”

Jessica Szep, Holistic Practitioner, Director of Islington Village Wellness Centre


"The Holistic Health Practitioner Program made it possible for me to find my soul's purpose after many years struggling to find my place. Patient, supportive, knowledgeable and highly intuitive teachers helped me develop personally and professionally so I can help others effectively.

"Invest in your career," said Patricia Miskimins, Swedish Basics teacher, when I asked her recommendation for the type of massage table to buy. A diploma from Transformational Arts is the ultimate investment in your personal commitment to your new career and for your new clients, a confidence inspiring sign of your credibility as a healer.

I love the work that I do with my clients in my home-based wellness centre! Helping one person find their truth is validation enough for choosing this career path. In less than two years since graduation, I am privileged to be part of the holistic healing of many people, who come to me ready to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges they face. I provide caring, acceptance, validation, and encouragement alongside energy work and bodywork that allow my clients to go deep into the healing place. I am grateful that the work I did at Transformational Arts enables me to help my clients heal the source of their troubles naturally, and move forward with their soul's purpose."

Wendy Vineyard, B.J., C.N.H.P., C.R.H.P., C.A.H.T., Reiki Level 2 Practitioner


"The concept of a centre that offered Psychotherapy and Yoga as well as other complimentary holistic therapies first came to me while I was in the Spiritual Psychotherapy program at Transformational Arts. During the two years I spent at the college as a student, I was able to experience and receive training in several modalities such as Body Psychotherapy and Energy Work as well the Intuitive Arts, Esoteric Studies and Spiritual Healing. Two years after graduating from Transformational Arts, I founded Soul Spa Healing Arts Studio.

After working in a spa environment with others from outside of Transformational Arts, I realized how lucky and grateful I am to have received such a complete and thorough education in holistic health care. Every treatment is truly holistic in nature, including taking care of myself. The caliber of education and skills learned is beyond anything I ever imagined. I feel extremely honoured to have been a part of the Transformational Arts. To share this education with others is a gift...it's like passing the torch...the flame to ignite other souls. I left the Government shortly after graduation, jumped into practicing full-time and haven't looked back! I love the work that I do, so much so that it doesn't feel like work at all. With every treatment my intuition grows, expands and raises my vibration to new levels. I registered my business, Body Elements Holistic Healing, and I currently run my own practice in Toronto and at a wellness spa in Muskoka where I am Spa Consultant. I also teach Reiki and offer workshops at both locations. Transformational Arts is such a supportive and welcoming environment: One I continue to return to. It is home, family and a deep sense of knowing and synchronicity."

Tara Antler, BHSc, Reiki Master, Holistic Health Practitioner



""I found Transformational Arts at a time in my life where I had all but given up on my dreams. Switching careers all my working life, I had left a high stress, low income corporate job. Our family was struggling to make ends meet. I had low self-esteem and no idea what my purpose was anymore. I knew there had to be more to life. By some miracle, Transformational Arts dropped into my lap.there I found a loving and enriching environment where I learned to love and honour myself and the world around me. I learned to live a more choiceful life where joy and abundance are regular visitors, and almost as icing on the cake - I learned highly effective skills in the Spiritual Psychotherapist and Holistic Practitioner Programs that allow me to guide others in transforming their lives. I now live my dreams and watch others in awe as they begin to live theirs.. Thank you so much Transformational Arts."

Linda Hovanessian


"Transformational Arts has been a wonderful experience for me. I was looking for a place to study that would work around my hectic schedule. The staff was more than happy to work with me. I scheduled the Holistic Program classes when I could. I didn't feel I was rushed to get the course done.

I came away with a greater sense of awareness about what the energetic field is capable of. Transformational Arts' programs develop more than your mind. It's where the mind, body and spirit come together and achieve a true balance of health and healing.

Thank you Transformational Arts for being a supportive 'family' to learn and grow from. I enjoy working as a Reflexologist and Holistic Practitioner at Alternative Health Services in Toronto."

Lynn Green, C.R.H.P., Holistic Health Practitioner



"On a Monday morning a few years ago, two students entered Transformational Arts not knowing exactly how their lives would change from that moment on. We are speaking of course of ourselves, Sandra Levy and Lynton Friedman. In an instant we not only knew a beautiful friendship would develop, but also that we would expand beyond our expectations.

We enrolled in the full-time Spiritual Psychotherapy/Spiritual Director Program. During that year we experienced an integration of our mind, body and soul. Through Transformational Arts' teachers' careful guidance, we were able to learn and apply such valuable tools into our journey and in the way we relate to others in every aspect of our lives. The result of this metamorphic experience ended in us founding our own wellness centre

- SanLyn Wellness Centre.


Our philosophy in running the centre is based on sharing knowledge. We believe that through sharing knowledge, everybody involved grows and expands. Transformational Arts shared with us a river of knowledge that guided us to look from within and deal with the aspects of us that created resistance. It is an ongoing journey that we at the centre share with all our clients in the same nurturing and loving way we received it. Anyone entering Transformational Arts can look forward to experience movement, flow and clarity in their lives. We are Human Beings.

Most people know how to perform in a human world. Transformational Arts offers an opportunity to integrate our Being, so that we can stop performing and start living! We are grateful!"

Sandra Levy/Lynton Friedman, Psychotherapists/Hypnotherapists, Partners/Co-founders of SanLyn Wellness Centre



"At Metaphysique we attend to the mind, body and spirit. It is Yorkville's centre for spiritual growth, made up of associates who incorporate modalities such as Quantum bio-feedback, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, past life regression, psychotherapy, coaching, massage, energy work and other techniques. Our practitioners work as a team and look at the client and their individual needs.

I have reached this place in my life largely to having had the opportunity to attend Tranformational Arts, literally opening new worlds for me. I never imagined a school like Transformational Arts existed. Transformational Arts' faculty is caring, grounded and knowledgeable.

I have found their classes to be inclusive, inviting, instructional, inspirational and experiential. The Spiritual Psychotherapy classes honed my insight and allow me to help others from a purposeful place. Their Intensive weekends have the capacity to open doors that have been locked, allowing closure. The Spiritual Director classes allowed me to rediscover and share my sense of spirit with others. The Coaching program was exciting and motivational both personally and professionally. Group Therapy classes afforded an opportunity to learn how to lead, as well as take part in group therapy; quite the journey!

I will always be connected to Transformational Arts, keeping in touch with fellow students, attending lectures and taking upgrading courses. Transformational Arts is a school, and an oasis."

Linda Marvin, R.I.H.R. Intern, Spiritual Director, Life Coach and Owner of Metaphysique