Holistic Health Focused Certificates

Within the Holistic Health Practitioner Training Program, we offer focused certificates in the most popular areas of holistic and energetic studies. Whether you want to focus on Body Work, Natural Remedies, Energy Work or Reiki Master Training, there is a program of study for you.

Body Work Training Certificate (HOL-BWC)

Natural Remedies Training Certificate (HOL-NRC)

Energy Work Training Certificate (HOL-EWC)

Reiki Master Training Certificate (HOL-RMC)


When: Each of these Certificates Programs can be started at any point in time based on multiple course start date availability. To find out the optimal start date that fits your schedule for weekday, evening or weekend classes, or a combination of these options, contact Holistic Coordinators, Maria Galle (mariag@transformatinalarts.com or 416.484.0454 ext.25) or Pat Rigby (prigby@transformationalarts.com or 416.484.0454 ext.30)


In registering for one of these certificate programs, you will receive a 10% discount in comparison to enrolling in these courses on an individual course basis. This is already in the fees stated which are HST exempt.

As a reminder, when you take the entire Holistic Health Practitioner Program a discount of 30% off the individual  course price is given. 

Tuition Fees: See fee for each certificate program.

  • Administrative Fee of $150 and Materials Fee: (See fee for each certificate program).
  • Cost for massage tables, bodywork supplies, teacher manuals, text books and some materials fees are additional.
  • Financial plans are available.
  • Tuition tax credits are given for these programs and they are HST exempt.

To Register

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older and have completed high school.
  • Mature students of 21 years of age may apply.
  • For an information package, schedule, application form and to hold your space contact Maria Galle at 416-484-0454 ext. 25

As enrollment is limited, you are encouraged to register now. All applicants for programs will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on space availability. Once the program reaches maximum capacity applicants are placed on a waiting list. Acceptance into the program is conditional and may require an interview.

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