Family of Origin (SP-INT-FO)

Family of Origin IntensiveFamily of Origin, 3 Day Intensive

We tend to repeat roles and relationship dynamics learned in our family-of-origin until we become conscious of them. If we come from a family that has unhealthy behavioural patterns - and that describes most of us since no family is perfect - we will repeat the same level of dysfunction in our current day relationships until we become aware and heal.

  • Explore your family-of-origin and unresolved core issues with your mother, father and/or siblings that still may be preventing you from living a fulfilling life and having healthy relationships.
  • Heal the wounds from your childhood and grieve your losses.
  • Experience anger, shame, defence and grief work.
  • Develop emotional fluency in expressing your feelings.
  • Learn how to transform your emotional blocks and how to make positive changes in your life.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Develop a loving and intimate relationship with your self and others.
  • Connect with your True Self for empowerment.
  • Experience: family sculpture, group sharing and processing, psychodrama, focusing, gestalt, inner child work, guided imagery and other experiential psychotherapy techniques.



Fri. Jun. 9 to Sun. Jun. 11, 2017

 Fri. Mar. 2 to Sun. Mar. 4, 2018

Fri. Jun. 8 to Sun. Jun. 10, 2018


Limit 8 participants.

Fee: $650 – Full payment is due at time of registration.

Payments are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable unless for severe reasons and with written documentation (ie. sudden illness, or a therapist’s recommendation to wait). All exceptions by the discretion of Linda Kuschnir, Managing Director and/or Gord Riddell, Co-founder.

Intensive Pre-requisite: A minimum of 25 hours of counselling. If you are not working with one of the College’s Psychotherapists, an intake session will be required at a cost of $55/$67. Contact Aline Perez at 416.484.0454 x.44 or for more information or to register.


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