Senior Therapists

Sue Diplock is a Registered Psychotherapist who works with individuals.  She can be reached at 416-484-8275 ext 26. 

Andrew Kun is a Registered Psychotherapist who works with individuals. He can be reached at 416-484-8275 ext. 51.

Ken Sullivan is a Registered Psychotherapist, Psychophysical Therapist and Relationship Counsellor for individuals couples and groups. He can be contacted at 416-484-8275 ext. 27.

Pauline O'Hanlon is a Registered Psychotherapist who works with individuals. She can be reached at 416-484-8275 ext. 54.

Senior Therapist Fee for registered students is $67 (The reduced fee is $55)


Counselling Services


The College offers a psychotherapy group for students with Ken Sullivan or Sandra Levy. 50% of the Group Therapy hours can be counted towards the psychotherapy requirements in the Spiritual Psychotherapy Program. For more details and to inquire about the next group start date, please contact Linda Kuschnir at 416-484-0454 ext. 23 or Maria Gallé at 416-484-0454 ext. 25.

Ken Sullivan
Wednesdays: 11:00am to 1:00pm (starting Nov. 2017 through March 2018) Starting Wed. Nov 1, 2017, 11:00 to 1:00 pm for 16 weeks

Fee: $120+HST per month for every 4 sessions or $30 +HST per session (non-refundable)



Reduced Fees — For Registered Students Only
Transformational Arts offers psychotherapy services at a reduced fee to our student body. Many of our students are enrolled in professional training programs at the College — which require a specified number of therapy hours as part of their personal and professional development. We realize that tuition fees coupled with therapy fees can add up, so we have provided our students reduced rates for psychotherapy through the Psychotherapy Clinic.

Maria Galle, Sue Diplock, Andrew Kun, Linda Kuschnir, Sandra Levy, Pauline O’Hanlon, John Pollard, and Ken Sullivan are the Registered Psychotherapists for the Counselling Clinic at Transformational Arts. They are facilitators for the Total Self, Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Director Programs. For more background on their profiles, see the Faculty section of this website and the Psychotherapy brochure.

If you are a new client and want to book your initial session call the Clinic Coordinator and at 416-484-8275.


Several therapeutic techniques taught in the Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program are used:

  • Focusing
  • Dialoguing with Sub-personalities
  • Inner Child Work
  • Guided Imagery
  • Gestalt and Experiential Psychotherapy
  • Body and Energetic Psychotherapy



For one session (the 50-minute hour) $55 ($67 with Senior Therapists). Counselling qualifies for tuition tax credits if taken as part of a professional program.

A reduced fee of $50 ($55 with Senior Therapists) is available upon application and proof of income (under $40,000 annual family income). Call the Clinic Coordinator at 416-484-8275 to inquire.  

Note:  Fees include HST.


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