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What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Conscious Living Column
 by Gord Riddell
 December, 2016

Time is a big issue for a lot of people these days. It feels like each passing day results in one more thing that didn’t get done today being added to tomorrows to do list. I thought I was sure aging played a role in this quickening of time since I remember my Mother in her later years, saying ‘I just took the Holiday decorations down and put them away and here we are needing to put them back up already.’ My brothers and my suggestion to perhaps leave them up permanently was not received well. A lot of people are expressing the same experience of time accelerating and never having enough time to get the litany of things done each day.

There are many factors that are attributable to our relationship with time. Both Psychology and Neuroscience, each have study after study examining time and our experience. There are many factors that influence our experience of time including, but not limited to the following:  

  1. The brain and its ability to establish measurable internal cycles such as circadian rhythms which even in the absence of external clues like watches or light and dark. Some scientists have found that the levels of dopamine in the brain may be more responsible for the time question of speeding up.
  2. Our emotions play a big role in our perception of how we experience time. Depression and fear influence how we perceive time the most, often creating a slowing down effect. Conversely stress plays on our perception of not enough hours in a day to get things done. Anyone who has ever sat in awe at a music concert or dance performance has experienced the effect of feelings on the movement of time.
  3. Time is perceptual and highly subjective. Much of our perception is driven by our attitude, moods and beliefs. Time is neither objective nor separate from us, as time exists only through the mind of human beings. It is a creation of mankind and no other species on the planet is subjected to it. Day and night perhaps but we don’t see the animal kingdom checking watches for a 9am meeting.
  4. As we age the experience of time speeding up is quite common. Numerous studies have found that the more events in our lifetime that hold our attention and not bore us positively alters our perception, actually giving us a sense of time going slower. As we age much of our daily life is very busy but also very habitual. Compare a 7-year-old where everything is new, and as such time is slower, waiting for Christmas, with a sixty-year-old. If it is 24 days to Christmas the seven-year-old will feel like it is a yearlong, while the sixty-year-old will feel he blinked and out came the Christmas décor, again.
  5. Along other scientific lines, time is literally accelerating, according to the Schumann Resonance. This measurement is the frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic pulse. For many years, the frequency hovered around 7.83 Hz. In June 2014, the frequency began to increase and today is up around 12 Hz. The equivalent of a 24-hour day being compressed into 16 hours.
  6. On December 21, 2012, the consciousness of the planet shifted and according to the metaphysical teachings, it is a preparation for our shift into the next dimension which is at a higher vibratory rate than the planet is today. In a nutshell, our consciousness is being raised as part of our spiritual journey and things of the earth are being perceived differently due to the changing vibratory rates.

No Time but waiting 

Despite the concern of so little time and not able to accomplish things, there is a lot of people who are simultaneously waiting. Waiting has become a national past time. Everyone is waiting for something to occur, arrive, be delivered or be taken away. The harvest celebrations in Canada are finished, which saw both Hallowe’en, an ancient Celtic harvest festival, and Diwali, the festival of lights, also an ancient harvest festival of the Hindu, Jain and Sikh faiths, occurring on the same weekend. Through November we waited for the next period of celebrations, the Christmas or Holiday season to begin. Here in the northern hemisphere, as the sun moves away and the darkness lengthens each day, it is fascinating and awe inspiring to see how we humans have created rituals and events that celebrate the light in our world and when it becomes scarcer how we ready ourselves to wait for its return.

Whether you celebrate it or not, it is very difficult to pretend it is not there. Everywhere you go or look, traditional lights, trees and garlands fill our vision, with our ears pulsating with the same Christmas songs played multiple times each day.  As I am writing this, it strikes me all the waiting we do. Waiting for the sun to return to give us longer days, waiting for holidays, the weekend and of course waiting for Christmas.

The waiting place, we all go there. It can be a very uncomfortable place that waiting place. We wait for people to arrive, the bus to come, the person we just called to pick up the phone, our cheque to be delivered, our health to return, or our next vacation away. I think many people go through the motions of enjoying their life but I can’t help but wonder how many in their thoughts are symbolically looking out that window wondering if today may be the day when the waiting will end. I am remembering one of my favourite Dr. Seuss’ books entitled “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” which talks about the waiting place. 

The waiting place can be a painful experience. We can lose sight of living our life and putting so much energy into just waiting, a stuck place to be. Waiting for the right time, with the right person, with the right medication; all the conditions we tell our self are necessary and sound very logical but they are the things that keep us waiting. Waiting for the perfect moment when heaven and earth come together to deliver our perfect gift from the gods.

An Exercise

Try this exercise — Using this technique for visualization and manifesting, form a mental picture of what is it you are waiting for, now feel what that would be like to have it, touch it, feel it, smell it and hear it. What emotion are you feeling? Now hand this energy over to the universe and trust that your order is being taken of, you don’t have go into ‘waiting’ and being stuck.  If you trust the universe to supply your needs and desires, then carry on living fully, no longer having to sit and wait for your conditions to be met. Hold your vision, do your part to bring your vision to fruition, the universe works best when we are a co-creator in our life.  Get on with living your life because as the saying goes; time waits for no one. Since the universe does not give us a “will deliver by this date guarantee”, enjoy yourself, enjoy your life and continue holding your vision. Energy follows where our thoughts and focus go.  

Here is one more idea to consider, don’t make your vision so exacting in detail that there is no room for the universe to manifest something even better and more in line with what we need, not what we think we want. As most people devalue their own worth, we want to consider the universe does not devalue our needs and wants and we want to provide room to be pleasantly surprised when the delivery presents itself.

The paradox of no time and yet waiting for the perfect time to put our plans into reality is crazy making at best robbing us of time and possibilities. Using the ‘right time’ is how we avoid and procrastinate from putting ourselves out there, taking risks and feeling the fear of stretching our self in new areas. If you truly believe that time is going too fast and it is running out, then why do you wait? There is no better time than the start of the holiday season and the New Year to stop wait and reach out and make your vision a reality.

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