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Looking Ahead - August 2017

Looking Ahead

August Newsletter

By Gord Riddell


It has occurred to me that we have traversed past the half way point of August and as we move toward that turning point in the season, knowing the nights are cooler and the days, a minute each day, has begun the countdown toward the shortest days. These subtle changes of weather and daylight are met with anticipation and excitement.

Except for a few years in my twenties, September has been my New Year. Ever since age 5 and reluctantly preparing to start kindergarten, the last days of August hold a certain tension as we prepare for the new classes in September. It reminds me of the young inner child I carry within who in earlier days would walk to a new school with what felt like giant butterflies travelling through my stomach at great speeds.

Blessed by my parents love of the outdoors, I had the enviable summer vacation from the day school finished in June and not returning to the city till Labour Day weekend. Spending the summer at the lake was exhilarating and rewarding but by mid-August each year 2 events occurred – one was my birthday and the second event saw the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) open for its annual run. Those 2 events propelled us into Labour Day and our end of summer return to Toronto.

Many years later, still tied to my childhood school calendar, it is approaching September and a new school year is about to begin. With anticipation, excitement, and a small niggle in my stomach, allow me to share some of the things continuing to shape Transformational Arts today and into the future.

This September 2017 is the start of our 30th year of operation here at Transformational Arts. The school was incorporated on July 26, 1988 and it was that September of 1988 when we registered our first students. That was 30 years ago. Watch for next summer, 2018, when we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

I am happy to announce we are expanding having acquired an additional 1200 square foot space in our Yonge Street building. It will make a great additional classroom with windows! It will also provide 2 to 3 treatment rooms for practitioners and/or students doing Case Studies. For a nominal hourly fee, you will be able to see clients privately while on site at the College.

By the end of the first week of September, we will be proudly opening our new lending Library. It is with deepest gratitude that this library has been made possible through very generous private donations plus the contributions of faculty, staff, and students. Available to registered students, the library boasts about 3,000 titles. The Library is split in 2 sections with books of interest to students studying Holistic Health in room 203. Books for Spiritual Psychotherapy, Coaching, Spiritual Director, and Esoteric Studies are housed in Room 204. There is even a general interest section from travel to the vast works of Tolstoy and Tolkien. All students are welcome to borrow from any section regardless of the program you are registered in. If you have books relevant to our areas of study and would like to find them a loving home, please see Shane White. Your donations will be received with gratitude.

Also new this year, is our linen service. While students in bodywork programs are expected to supply their own linens for doing practise and/or client work, there are times you forget or it is just not convenient to carry sheets, towels, and pillows with you to class. If you find yourself in that position, a trip to Reception in Suite 301, and you will be able to rent whatever linens you need that day and return them for proper laundering.

That is my newsletter for August and it is all about what is new at Transformational Arts. If you have not yet joined a course or attended a lecture, perhaps our 30th year of serving southern Ontario’s communities is your cue that now is your time to begin or further your spiritual journey.

A Reflection:

When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. ~ Buddha

Be Well and Live Well.

~ Gord Riddell