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Gord Riddell
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Kathy Ryndak

Co-founder Kathy Ryndak


Welcome to the 2016-2017 Calendar of Courses and Program offerings for the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. If this is your first time meeting us, a big warm welcome and to all of the many current and former students whether you attended a one-night lecture or you are a graduate of one of the professional training programs, I extend my sincerest gratitude for having chosen Transformational Arts as your home base to assist and guide you on your spiritual journey to be of service to our planet.

Starting the College in 1988, the idea of a Private school, based in spiritual education, was not well received; even family, friends and many others thought we were a bit delusional. However, the inner intuitive was there, propelling the project forward and knowing in our gut that Transformational Arts was to be created. Energetically Transformational Arts was already a reality even before the papers were signed! 

If you have discovered us for the first time, we are in our 28th year of operations; in the grand scheme of things, virtually an overnight sensation!! We have created a unique educational venue, combining ancient wisdom, contemporary mysticism and spirituality in a non- dogmatic way. Growing from our initial offerings of personal courses in psychospiritual development to today’s expanded programs providing professional post-secondary education in the fields of Spiritual Psychotherapy, Holistic Health, Spiritual Director and more.

Many of our graduates have created successful careers as Psychotherapists, Holistic Practitioners, Spiritual Directors and Coaches led by their spiritual values and assisting others to discover their own.

The on-going sustainability of the College, almost 30 years in existence, is attributable to four things: 

Each amazing Student who fuels us with their energy and eagerness to want to keep reaching further out and above to create these programs. 

The Faculty at Transformational Arts who excel in their commitment to providing the best classroom experience for each student. Their passion for the subject areas, on-going training and their enthusiasm to present in the classroom is almost infectious.

Our Administrative Staff who keep people and their paper work flowing from the initial interviews, to record keeping and on to that final day of graduation. With Gratitude—Thank you Linda Kuschnir, Maria Galle, Pat Rigby, Trudy Ageyman, Aline Perez and Shane White with Jane T. and Maria P.

The key and the first to flow is Source or Spiritual Energy, which oversaw the beginning and I know continues to guide the College with grace, hope, integrity and prayers moving us into tomorrow. 

We welcome you to study with us at Transformational Arts, joining those who have walked this luminous path of self-discovery, healing and transformation. With open hearts, together we support one another’s transformations moving further towards a global awakening of higher consciousness.


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